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About Sheena

Sheena is a mama first and foremost. Her three kids are the light of her life, constantly encouraging her to do better, live better, and BE a better person. She moved to the Niagara region on a whim and out of desperation at the age of 20, running from a life of parties, drugs, and alcohol. She knew she was going nowhere fast and needed to make some life-altering changes to turn things around. It's taken her a few years and immense amounts of personal development, lessons, trial and error, and deep reflective work, but she is finally at a time in her life where she feels peace and happiness. Sheena took her last drink on July 21, 2018, when she made the declaration to fully better herself in all aspects of her life - mind, body & soul.

Sheena is a Level 2 Certified Usui Roho / Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Mental Health Advocate,  Essential Oil Alchemist, Crystal Enthusiast, Happiness Life Coach,  Holistic Health Coach,  Astrology Junkie, Lover of the Moon, Danielle LaPorte Fire Starter Facilitator and  Desire Map Facilitator, Marie Forleo’s B-School Alumni, Semi-Retired Yoga Instructor, and Lifetime learning enthusiast.

With a solid background in holistic health and wellness, her personal battles with anxiety and depression and her incredible zest for finding balance in life, Sheena has a strong foundation of the ebb and flow of life and just being well. 

Sheena discovered yoga at the age of 21 after the birth of her first son, at which point she fell into a deep case of post-partum depression. Not liking the effects of her anti-depressants, she stopped taking all her meds (please don't ever do this. It was against doctors wishes and could have had a catastrophic effect on my overall mental health, but I did it based on an internal guide) and walked into a yoga studio. The first class was a nightmare, not what she was expecting at all. Feeling depleted and defeated and crying all the way home, she questioned her inner guidance. A soothing presence within her told her to stay strong and keep trying. A couple of days later, she walked into her second class, and that is where the love affair began.

Sheena took over her yoga first studio in St. Catharines in 2013 and her second studio in Niagara Falls in 2014, taking a leap of faith and trusting that all the loose ends would work themselves out. With true grit and passion leading the way. The studio was successful for just over a year, but the shared space and organization dismantled and parted ways. Through this experience, Sheena met some of the most incredible people, truly blessed with new friendships and connections, and learned more about herself and business than she ever thought possible. Tools and lessons that she now understands will propel her forward into her next big move - opening up an all-encompassing holistic healing centre in St. Catharines by 2024.