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Essential oils and natural remedies have been an integral part of Sheena's life since 2012. She was introduced to doTerra back in 2013 by her Mom when she was studying to be a holistic health coach. Needless to say, it was a match made in heaven and she quickly fell in love. Nowadays, her love affair has extended beyond a single brand of oil and into creating her very own unique blends used in not only natural remedies and ailments, but to help enhance your meditation practice, aid in manifestation rituals, and as a replacement for toxic laden, everyday perfumes. 

Sheena crafted these blends using research in herbology and aromatherapy, taking into consideration that which they can be used for - attracting love, money, romance, sparking creativity, warding off evil, enhancing various characteristics and qualities.


Using her love of aromatherapy, herbology, astrology, and the moon, Sheena has intuitively created a line of essential oils used to help draw in that which you desire. 

Each blend has been carefully crafted with specific characteristics in mind and blended and brewed under the various stages of the moon. Each blend is infused with healing reiki energy and charged up with an incantation. Each blend also contains specially chosen herbs and spices, and crystal gemstones - all cleansed and charged up under the light of the full moon.

Blends can be custom made based on your specific needs. If you don't see what you are looking for, please submit a request and she can brew up a custom blend just for you.

Each blend comes in a 15ml glass bottle with an instruction and incantation card to aid in your manifestations.

The card includes suggested words, but it is always a good idea to add your own personal spin on them when you are using your oils.