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Contact Me

To book a Reiki appointment or studio visit / consult, please contact the studio directly.


All appointments are now booked via email or by calling / texting Angela at between Mothers Wellness Centre.

Booked by calling / texting 905-401-1545
or email Angela - info@betweenmothers.ca

www.betweenmothers.ca for more studio details.


Between Mothers is a Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre that helps empower women to have the best birthing experience possible. Angela offers Prenatal and Baby & Mom yoga classes throughout the week. I highly recommend Angela's classes. I am the poster child of how yoga can benefit your birth experience. I attended classes regularly throughout my second and third pregnancies.


While my practice is not centered around pregnancy, Reiki can most certainly benefit pregnancy in many ways. I taught prenatal and baby & mom yoga with Angela in previous years. When I was a yoga instructor, these areas were my focus.

Please note: You do not have to be pregnant, a woman, or have a baby to attend a Reiki session with me. My studio is a warm and inviting space that welcomes and recognizes all.