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Water signs: Cancer. Scorpio. Pisces.


The element of WATER rules emotion, intuition, psychic ability, love, deep feelings, fertility, tides, the unconscious mind, lunar energy, self healing and reflection.


Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, therapeutic grade essential oils: grapefruit, rose, cedarwood and vanilla.


This blend also includes:

Charged Amethyst Chips

Element: Water Blend - 10ml roller bottle

Full Size - 15m
  • Due to the nature of the product and sanitary reasons, essential oils are non-refundable once they leave my hands. If you are unsure about a scent, please message me before ordering. I do have smaller sample bottles available to purchase so that you may try them beforehand.


    Also something to keep in mind, these oils and herbs were chosen specifically in order to increase or enhance various qualities or aid in rituals and manifestation. I can tell you that they all smell fantastic, but I birthed them, so I am biased because I adore them all. Trust that the intentention is behind the oil, regardless of whether the scent of the oils resonates with your palate.


    It's your intention that matters.