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Enchantress was crafted to increase positive thoughts and feelings. Use this blend when you need a boost in confidence or want to feel extra sexy and sensual.


All blends can be used topically or aromatically.


Rose - The Queen of all oils, rose is often called the "feel-good oil" and can help reduce feelings of pain, and release endorphins. Studies have shown that rose oil can help the release of dopamine in the brain, which can help spur sexual desire, while at the same time alleviating depression - ummm, yes please!


Frankincense - The "King of Oils," Frank is a lot of things, but also a natural aphrodisiac. Frank helps increase libido and reduce sexual anxiety.


Wild Orange - a fun and bright oil that helps boost your mood. Orange oil helps de-stress and embrace sexual expressiveness.


Cinnamon - considered the "oil of sexual harmony," cinnamon helps dispel fears of rejection and nurtures healthy sexuality. helps rekindle sexual energy, and promotes letting go of jealousy and control. A warm and welcoming oil that contributes to an enticing and stimulating blend.



Organic fractionated coconut oil, 100% pure rose, frankincense, wild orange, and cinnamon essential oils, loads reiki energy, and rose quartz chips.

Enchantress blend - 10ml roller bottle