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Help your body relax and detox with the immense healing properties of Epsom salt, sea salt, magnesium flakes, and essential oils specifically chosen to induce feelings of peace, love, and ease.


Lock the bathroom door, turn on some music, light some candles, grab your journal and throw a handful (up to 1 cup) of these self-love bath salts into a hot bath and absorb all the beautiful healing qualities.


Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate) - help promote sleep and stress reduction, reduces pain and inflammation, assist in the absorption of magnesium in the body, is often used to help treat constipation.


Himalayan Sea Salt -  helps your body relax and destress, helps detoxify your body, eases aches and pains, provides a nice deep cleanse for your skin, stimulates circulation.


Magnesium Chloride Flakes - balances electrolytes, aids calcium absorption, supports healthy bones and teeth, assists with normal muscle functions.



Epsom salts, Himalayan sea salt, magnesium flakes, sodium bicarbonate, organic roses, organic lavender buds, 100% pure ylang-ylang, rose, and vanilla absolute.

Mineral Bath Soak - Self Love Blend